Sales Match Assessment – Try Out

Thank you for visiting this website and considering this Special Offer.

For taking the survey, you’ll receive very valuable Individual, Job Matching & Coaching Reports.  If you’d like, you can also get up to an hour-long TOP Performance Consultation where we can provide you actual strategies to improve your productivity.

Either way, the cost for this is discounted…  Just $197 (usually $324).


The Process:

Step 1 – Complete the form below and you’ll be directed to a webpage with the Job Matching Assessment Directions (to take it immediately).  You’ll also get the directions by email to take the online survey later (or forward to the one you want to take the assessment).

Step 2 – After the online survey is completed, pay the invoice we’ll email you to make your $197 investment.

Step 3 – We’ll forward along the Job Match reports by email.

Step 4 (optional but FREE) – If you want a TOP Performance Consultation, just reply to the email requesting one.  We’ll send a link to a Calendar App to schedule time on the phone.

That’s it!


When you are ready to start, please provide the following information and you’ll immediately be connected to a webpage with the survey directions: