5 Ways to Stop Hiring Losers

Written January 13, 2011

  Here’s a fact: More than three of four hires disappoint their employers in the first year on the job. Over the years, many of these business owners have referred to these people as “losers.” Before we discuss how to Stop Hiring Losers, it’s important to understand what a loser is. Now, I could try to be creative and make a acronym… but I’m not going to. We all know what they are and who they are. They’re the ones… Read More

Why YOU Continually Fail to Hire the Right People (Part 1)

Written January 27, 2010

  It’s as simple as this:  Successful People = Successful Business! And the opposite is also true.  If the people you employ are not successful, your business will not be successful. Until you realize this, your business will continue to fall short of your important goals.  Even worse, you as the leader will also fall short of accomplishing your important professional (& personal) goals.   The 2 Types of Employees There really are only two types of employees that you… Read More

TOP Performance Monthly – Get Your FREE Subscription Here!

Written May 21, 2000

  The following is a list of some of the more popular articles from the “TOP Performance Monthly” newsletter published by People Values.  For the past 17+ years, Grant D. Robinson has provided his subscribers a monthly article and other TOP Performance Tips.   To get your FREE Subscription to the newsletter full of strategies to find, hire and develop your most productive staff ever…  Subscribe Here!