The #1 Thing You Must Concentrate on to Make 2014 Your Most Successful Year Ever

Written January 13, 2014

  Market leaders create, modify and follow systems. Typically, the more thorough a system is, the more successful the organization will be. Market leaders do not leave anything to chance. There is a standard operating procedure for everything they do and every decision made. If a procedure has not been built, they build it. It is put in writing to insure repetition and it is precisely followed. If a process proves to be unsuccessful, it is modified. It is then… Read More

Step 3 to Your Most Productive Staff Ever

Written October 21, 2013

  In the last two months, you’ve learned the first two steps to your most productive staff ever. As a recap, they are:   Step #1 – Set performance standards for every position in your company and put them in writing. Then share these documents with your employees to eliminate the uncertainty of exactly what is expected from them daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.   Step #2 – Perform timely evaluations for every employee (especially managers) of their progress to… Read More

Step 2 to Your Most Productive Staff Ever

Written September 25, 2013

  Last month, you discovered the first step to get your employees to do the job you are paying them to do… The step was: Define success in every position in your company by writing down at least five goals an employee must accomplish to become and remain productive. So, have you done this yet? Does every one of your employees, in every position, know exactly what is required of them daily, weekly, monthly or yearly? If not, stop expecting… Read More

Step 1 to Your Most Productive Staff Ever

Written August 12, 2013

  Do you ever wish your employees would just do the job you are paying them to do? Well, you’re not alone. In the survey at our website, 93% of business leaders say the “wrong” people are holding them back. So, is this why we hire people – to hold our businesses back?   What Would a More Productive Staff Mean for Your Business? You have goals for your business that you have not been able to reach. So why… Read More

3 ½ Reasons Your Employees Stink

Written April 11, 2013

  So first off, when I say stink, I don’t necessarily mean they smell bad.  Some may, but this is not the kind of stink I’m referring to. This is the stink as in unproductive.  And it might be worse than the smelly stink.  Because a shower, better laundry soap, stronger toothpaste, etc. can mask a smell. But the stink of not producing for the company, since this is what you hired them for, is much more costly because when… Read More

How Your Employees Rob Your Revenues

Written December 21, 2012

  Can you think of anything in your office that directly affects your revenues more than your employees? If you hire, develop and retain employees that fit their positions and naturally produce, you will reach your revenue expectations. On the other hand, if you are forced to constantly retrain and coach your struggling team members to be productive and inevitably rehire for the same positions, you will lose all of your revenues to costly personnel issues. Sure, when you look… Read More

The Three Reasons Your Sales Stink

Written August 10, 2012

  Is your organization currently meeting its sales goals? Besides your market’s leaders, who continually meet and surpass their sales goals, a good majority of those in your industry are failing to meet their productivity, sales and revenue expectations. Although they give many excuses for this (the economy, too much competition, seasonal business, the sun and the moon aren’t in alignment, etc.), there really are only three reasons for poor sales. Here they are:   1. No Demand for Your… Read More

3 Steps to Your Most Dependable, Motivated & Productive Staff Ever

Written May 13, 2012

  Here’s a fact: Without a productive staff, you simply are not going to grow your business or accomplish your important professional and personal goals. In this time of economic turmoil, never before has it been more important to employ a dependable, motivated and productive staff.   Here’s another fact: Not all businesses are experiencing hard times. The top 10% (or so) of every industry have remained on pace to shatter previous revenue records. From what we’ve found, all of… Read More

3 Step Business Growth Formula

Written March 21, 2012

  To reach your organization’s productivity, sales and revenue goals, it is vital that you continually grow your business. Are you currently meeting your revenue objectives? If so, great! If not, you are not alone. The majority of organizations are failing to reach their true revenue potential and their leaders haven’t yet realized exactly what is holding them back; or they are in denial. The underlining cause of poor productivity and sales is not what you’ve been led to believe… Read More

Ten Reason You Should Do Background Checks on Potential Employees

Written February 19, 2012

  If you’ve been a subscriber to this newsletter for the past year and have read any of my articles, you already know why it is so important to have TOP Performers in every position of your company. It is the path to go from good to great and exactly how business grows and gets easier. If you or your managers are forced to spend any of your time solving People Problems, you have hired the “wrong” people and will… Read More