The #1 Thing You Must Concentrate on to Make 2014 Your Most Successful Year Ever

Written January 13, 2014


Market leaders create, modify and follow systems. Typically, the more thorough a system is, the more successful the organization will be.

Market leaders do not leave anything to chance. There is a standard operating procedure for everything they do and every decision made. If a procedure has not been built, they build it.

It is put in writing to insure repetition and it is precisely followed.

If a process proves to be unsuccessful, it is modified. It is then tested, retested and once again modified until the desired level of success is achieved.

In over 13 years of studying, writing about and working with market leaders, we have found they ALL have the five following systems. To make 2013 your most successful year ever, your organization needs to do the same.

However, one of these systems is much more important than the other four. Although you need to create, modify and follow all five of them, by concentrating on the fifth system, you will insure 2013 is your most profitable year ever.


1. Vision and Mission (& Your Goals)

This is the WHO you are and WHERE you are going. This should be clear to not only management, to not only your employees, but to your customers too. A vision and mission is much more than a bunch of words thrown together to make you feel good about yourselves and your organization. And if that is all you have right now, change it in 2013.


2. Financial and Budgeting

This is the WHEN you know you have accomplished your goal. Whether that goal is to finish in the black, double the revenues of last year or crush your competition, it needs to be spelled out in numbers, letters and be easy to interpret.


3. Production, Manufacturing and Distribution

This is the WHAT you will use to become and remain a market leader. Efficiency is a key and if a process, procedure or technology is outdated and it is becoming harder and harder to manufacture and distribute a quality product or service, do something about it today.


4. Marketing & Sales

This is the WHY you are in business and WHY customers need your product or service. From time to time, you must assess your marketing message in whether it is clear or not. If you are not telling potential clients exactly why they need your product or service, and why you’re the best one to purchase it from, they will never know.



This is the HOW you insure success in all other systems. This is the HOW you reach all of your productivity, sales and financial objectives. This is the HOW Market Leaders continue to crush their competition year after year.

And as long as they have TOP Performers at Every Level of their organization this year, they will do it again.